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Search Engine Optimization

Metadata in head

Multiple metadata fields are filled in to increase SEO including: description, keywords, og:title, og:description, og:image, apple-mobile-web-app-title, msapplication-TileColor, apple-touch-icon, manifest, mask-icon and theme-color. These fields will also help in how the website gets previewed when the url is used on social media or chats. attributes

We use attributes and some extensions to describe certain objects on the website more in detail including contributors.

For example:

    "@context": "",
    "@type": "WebSite",
    "name": "RDMkit",
    "url": "",
    "about": "Best practices and guidelines you can use for FAIR management of your research data.",
    "author": [
            "@type": "Person",
            "@id": "",
            "mainEntityOfPage": "",
            "affiliation": {
                "@type": "Organization",
                "name": "VIB Data Core / ELIXIR-BE"
            "email": "",
            "url": "",
            "image": "",
            "jobTitle": "editor",
            "name": "Bert Droesbeke"


A sitemap is automatically generated using the jekyll-sitemap gem. This allows search engine to detect the site structure and which pages are available for harvesting.

Make sure the gem is enabled in the _config.yml file in the root of your project like this:

  - jekyll-sitemap